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AUDI RS Series DRC repairs

Performance Engines has the latest equipment for the vacuum & pressure testing of the Audi DRC (Dynamic Ride Control)

All suspension repairs and laser wheel alignment are carried out on site.

Upgrades to POWERFLEX Polyurethane bushes for either fast road or competition/motorsport are also available.


Valve assemblies can be damaged if the system hydraulic pressure is lost.

original (1).jfif

Typical signs of failure

sticky oily dirt over the lower part of the damper

original (2).jfif

Old and new dampers.

The leaked hydraulic fluid is evident on the lower part of the old damper.

original (3).jfif

New damper rebuilt and fitted.

System under test.

Gold coloured service probe fitted to test port on hydraulics.

Please call Performance Engines for more information.

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